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Sheriff J. Michael Moore

Madison County Sheriff's Office - 1436 Highway 98 West - Danielsville, Georgia 30633 - 706 795-6202 - Fax: 706 795-2999
706 795-6202
Sheriff Michael Moore and his staff at the Madison County Sheriff’s Office are committed to providing safety to all residents and visitors in our county.  This is accomplished thru a variety of methods such as neighborhood patrols, security checks, traffic enforcement and educational programs.  Along with answering calls for service, these are the primary functions of the Uniform Patrol Division.  

The Uniform Patrol division is divided into four shifts that work rotating 12 hour shifts providing Madison County with 24 hour a day, 7 days a week protection and service.  Patrolling our county’s roads, neighborhoods, and businesses plays a vital role in upholding our duties to protect and serve.  It is our responsibility to ensure would-be criminals see our presence and know that we are here!

Madison County Sheriff’s office also offers security checks to home and business owners.  For instance, if you plan to be out of town for vacation, you can fill out and return the security check request form to our office and our Deputy Sheriffs will perform random security checks of your home.  In the event that something occurs we will contact you as soon as it is discovered and if necessary move forward on the investigation process as soon as possible.  Or, if you have fallen victim to a crime, or begin noticing suspicious behavior around your home, you can request an increase in patrol of your home, neighborhood, road, etc.  
Traffic Enforcement is another key component of ensuring the safety of our residents and motorists. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office uses traffic enforcement to increase awareness of the risks of dangerous behavior such as speeding or not wearing a seat belt.  Either of these can be the difference between and accident and an accident with injuries, or worse an accident with fatalities.  When you choose to not wear your seat belt you not only put your safety in danger, but also any passengers you may have.  In the event of an accident, if you are not properly restrained in your seat, you could be thrown around inside the vehicle, or worse, ejected from the vehicle.