Logan's Law Database for those with special needs

The Madison County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the Georgia Emergency Authority announces the creation of a local Logan's Law database beginning August 1st 2023.

This database will allow 911 operators to alert law enforcement and other first responders when there are individuals in the home with special needs that could impede their ability to communicate with them.

 As an example, this could include someone with non-verbal autism, physical, mental, or neurological disorders, those with PTSD with a potential for violence, excitability, or fear of lights and sirens and loud noises. 

This database will help law enforcement, medical, rescue, fire and other public safety personnel respond more compassionately once they are dispatched, and know ahead of time about any triggers that may be overwhelming to an individual who is present at the emergency location.

We are encouraging all Madison County residents to register your family member who may have a special need into our database by filling out the Special Concerns information Sheet and returning it to the Sheriff's Office or 911 center.

To obtain a copy of the Special Concerns information Sheet or for more information you can call the Madison County Sheriff's office at 706-795-6202 or the 911 center at 706-795-6401, 6402 or 6403. 

You can also download the PDF version of the form here:

Logans Law Form PDF Download

The completed form can be returned to Madison Co E-911 in person or by fax, mail, or email.

Address: 37 Wagener Ln///P. O. Box 274 Danielsville GA 30633

Email: mc911@madisonco.us 

FAX: 706-795-5536