Sheriff J. Michael Moore
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706 795-6202
706 795-6202

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, it is necessary to have adequate man power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Jail Division, like the Uniform Patrol Division works 12 hour rotating shifts providing round the clock service.  In addition to Detention Officers that work posts during each shift, the Jail Division also employs a full time Detention Officer to oversee the kitchen and ensure that inmates are fed in accordance to state laws.  The Madison County Jail also has an on-staff nurse who works under the supervision of our Medical Director to provide the inmates with necessary medical care.   
The Jail has an average daily population of 77 inmates.  This includes pre-trial inmates, county and stated sentenced inmates, as well as city inmates and individuals that have been served an order to incarcerate from Superior Court.  The Madison County Jail houses male inmates in house and has agreements in place with other local facilities to house our female inmates as we do not currently have the ability to house female inmates long-term.  To see a list of our current jail population, click here.  This information is updated hourly and consisits of inmate name, charges, and bond amount if a bond is available.     
The Madison County Jail Division is tasked with the responsibility of providing a safe and secure environment for the inmates, staff and any visitors to the detention center.  This division also processes bonds, and transports inmates to court appearances, medical/dental facilities, and state detention facilities. It is the mission of the Madison County Jail Division is to operate the jail in accordance with all State and Federal laws providing a safe and healthful environment for inmates and staff as well as providing the inmates with the necessary medical and mental health services, and religious services.  The Jail Division must ensure the protection of the county’s citizens by preventing escapes and the introduction of contraband into this facility.  

This form is used for a minster to request a visit with an inmate. You will be required to bring your ID and minister's license to the jail for prior verification before the visit can be scheduled