Submit a CRIME TIP Form

  This form is provided to allow a citizen to submit a CRIME TIP if you have witnessed or have knowledge about a crime.
  You can submit a TIP anonymously by leaving out your contact information.

  Fill out the required information fields in the form. Click submit when finished and the info will be sent to the administrators. 
  You may receive a call or an email reply to acknowledge we have received your CRIME TIP or to discuss it if you have 
  included your contact information.

                           Madison County Sheriff's Office - 1436 Highway 98 West - P.O. BOX 65 - Danielsville, Georgia
                                  Administrators: Jimmy Patton      Phone: (706) 795-6202     
                                                         Steve Kimbel     Phone: (706) 795-6202
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Please describe the incident including the location where it happened, the time and date, persons involved, or any information you may have pertaining to the CRIME.