Increased Patrols Request Form

  This is a form to request increased patrols in an area. An example of this could be an area where speeding is constantly taking 
  place, where a stop sign is being ran, gang gatherings are occurring, obvious drug trafficking or prostitution is happening, etc.

  Fill out all information fields in the form. Click submit when finished and the info will be sent to the administrators. 
  You will receive a call or an email reply to verify we have received your request and that it has been scheduled as requested.

​Madison County Sheriff's Office - 1436 Highway 98 West - P.O. BOX 65 - Danielsville, Georgia
Administrators: Jimmy Patton      Phone: (706) 795-6202
                        Jeffrey Vaughn     Phone: (706) 795-6202
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Address and description of the area where you want increased patrols, and a brief description of the problem:
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